Kids Life Online

  • Nursery: Birth - 2 Years - Located upstairs of the main building.
  • Preschool: Age 3 - 5 - Located in the lower dome.
  • Elementary: K - 5th Grade - Located in the upper dome.

  • We love children and have systems in place for their safety:check-in/out systems, emergency protocols and national background checks for our volunteers.

    Parent's Info

    Our Check In Process

    On your first visit, we will need parent/guardian’s name, email, child’s name, birthdate and allergies or special needs. Our software system will print a name tag with a number on it to keep your child safe at check-out. Your child will not be released until properly matched with your numeric tag. If your child needs assistance during service, your child’s number will be listed on the screens.

    Parent Resources

    Our curriculum combines child development and theology to create an impact, for your child, in each phase of their life. Stay connected with your child’s weekly lessons and activities on our Facebook page.

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