Life Groups are a great way to be connected here at Life Church. Relationships are what make a church work the way it was meant to work and small groups facilitate our relationships. Our life groups have variety and diversity. There are groups for men, women, couples, and those in their retirement years. Different kinds of activities may drive one group, while a study on a specific topic may work for another group, all with the same purpose of encouraging each other in our relationship with Jesus!

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  • Fredy Lopez

    Beyond Sunday Service

    (FOR everyone)

    TIME: Please contact for date and time

    PLEASE CONTACT: 310.957.0454

    DESCRIPTION: being a christian is more than just showing up to a sunday service, it's a daily walk with christ. let's discover what it means to live like jesus. 

  • Bryan & Taylor Smith

    We Might Have Cookies

    (FOR Everyone)

    TIME: Wednesday @ 6:30PM

    PLEASE CONTACT: 803.646.3303

    Description: our group is a relaxed faimly atmosphere where we can grow in our relationship with God and connect with others.

  • AARon & Jaime Sanders


    (For everyone)

    TIME: Wednesday @ 6:30PM

    PLEASE CONTACT: 978.987.8326

    Description: We are young adults looking for community in the body of Christ. come ready to dive into the word and share what god is doing. 

  • Ryan & jeanne Mattson

    Jesus & Coffee, Amen

    (FOR families)


    PLEASE CONTACT: 360.672.8849

    Description: we love Jesus, We love coffee, and we love you.

  • Leni Talo

    Brothers in Arms

    (FOR Men) 

    TIME: Wednesday  @ 6:30PM

    PLEASE CONTACT: 904.697.6468

    Description:  A group for men, centered around loving god and loving people. 

  • Timothy & Elizabeth Haslet

    Open Studio

    (For Everyone ART GROUP)

    Time: Monday @ 7pm

    please Contact: 360.679.3518

    Description: We are a group of artists who are committed to BECOMING more like our creator as we create! bring your projects as we grow in learning to hear his voice and to live generously

    * Please contact before the meeting to ensure we have supplies ready for you.

  • josh Davis

    WOrds of Worship

    (For everyone) 

    TIME: THURSDAYS @ 6:30pM

    PLEASE CONTACT: 719.351.3008

    Description: We will focus on what it means to worship, what the bible says about living a worship lifestyle, and how we can pursue god in every aspect of life.

  • Ann Martin & Mary Hubbard

    Mentor Moms

    (FOR women)

    TIME: Tuesday @ 6:30PM

    PLEASE CONTACT: 360.929.4775

    Description: we love to get together with other women to encourage each other to be all that god wants us to be, all while sharing skills and scriptures that we have learned along the way. 

  • Lauren Snow

    MOM Strong

    (FOR Moms)  

    TIME: Tuesdays @ 6:15PM

    PLEASE CONTACT: (719) 351-3008

    Description: Single moms coming together for Support, encouragement and to draw closer to the lord

  • Andrew & Becca ROdman

    nourish (E)

    (For families)

    TIME: WEDNESDAY @ 6:30pM

    PLEASE CONTACT: 206.355.7484

    DESCRIPTION: We have a desire to help build healthy marriages and faith driven families. 

  • u'ilani  K

    Live Aloha

    (FOR EVERYONE Dance)

    TIME: Friday @ 6:30PM

    PLEASE CONTACT: 808.541.7296

    Description: come and join my family, my Ohana, as we explore the word of God, Dance, and what it means to be the family of God. 

  • Ken & Janet Mann


    (FOR  Everyone)


    PLEASE CONTACT: 360.929.6071

    DESCRIPTION: Let's go on a journey of greater depth in the things of god. 

  • Chris & Kari Rhodes

    The Journey


    TIME: Wednesday @ 6:30pm

    PLEASE CONTACT: 615.635.2063

    DESCRIPTION: we are all on the journey of god's perfect plan for our lives. we come together to discover god's plan as we pursue purpose. 

  • Joan Dougliss

    Women of Faith

    (FOr Women)

    Time: Wednesday @ 11am

    please Contact: 360.675.8117

    Description: Join us for a 12 week study of max lucado's book life leassons from ephesians.